Kitsap Waterfall Survey

The Kitsap Waterfall Survey is a personal project taking place during 2014-??? to document every major waterfall in the Kitsap County and on the Kitsap Peninsula. In order to qualify for this survey the waterfall must be located on a permanently flowing stream, be over ten feet in height, and drop over solid bedrock, with occasional exceptions. Thus far, 28 waterfalls have been surveyed. The largest of these is "Tin Mine Falls," located on Tin Mine Creek in the northwestern Blue Hills; estimated at 80 feet high. 

"Tin Mine Falls" 
Each time I survey a new waterfall I write a post about it. The falls surveyed are listed on the right side of this page, click the waterfall name, and it will bring you to the relevant post.

I have presented this project in a series of lectures and field trips put on by various community members, scientific interest groups, and local media. These events have been well attended, with up to 320+ members of the community joining in the most recent presentation "Geology Underfoot in Kitsap County." You can see a recap of this story walk co-hosted by Kitsap Sun's Josh Farley in the video below. 

Accompanying this survey I have built a digital map using Google's Map Engine. This map is fully interactive and I strongly encourage readers to click the image below and explore it. The map will be updated as my explorations continue and hopefully, there will be a lot more blue than yellow on the map by the end of all this. I have provided a map legend below the image. 

Map Legend

There are three layers to the map: "Waterfalls," "Property Outlines" and "Topographic Features." To toggle these layers on and off. go to the menu on the left side of the screen and scroll until you see a check box next to the layer title you want to hide. Uncheck this box and that layer will disappear, you can click it again to make it reappear. At the bottom of the menu you can change your map base.


Blue-There is a waterfall at this location that has been mapped, surveyed, and photographed.
Light Blue-A known and surveyed ephemeral/seasonal waterfall. While there are most likely hundreds of seasonal waterfalls over ten feet in Kitsap, if one is significant enough (eg. >30 feet and flows for 6 months out of the year). Then it will be included here.
Green-A waterfall has been confirmed here, but the author has not visited or photographed it.
Gold-A waterfall (either permanent or seasonal) is suspected but unconfirmed at this location.
Purple-A waterfall is known at this location but has been affected by man to some degree, including dams, fish ladders, and manmade falls on natural streams.
Red-A surveyed or confirmed waterfall located on private property. Any falls of this kind marked on the map have been published with the property owner's explicit permission. These are for database cataloging only. Do not attempt to reach these falls unless you have permission from the property owners. 

"Property Outlines" 

Red-Private Property or restricted areas inaccessible to the public.
Light Green-Ueland Tree Farm Land
Dark Green-Green Mountain State Forest, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, and other publicly accessible land.

PLEASE NOTE-I have tried to match up the map boundaries as best I can with state parcel maps, satellite images, and other sources. However I cannot guarantee their accuracy since changes in land ownership or other factors may have occurred since the maps I based these off of were published. If you do go exploring, please stay alert and if you see signs asking you to stay out of an area or off a trail/road, please respect them.

Many of these falls and lie in rugged, somewhat treacherous terrain. Do not attempt to reach these falls unless you are prepared for strenuous bushwhacks, precipitous slopes, and other hazards.

If you have any information on any waterfalls in Kitsap County you would be interested in sharing, or if you have any questions/comments/concerns about this project, please feel free to contact me at

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